Aeronautical meteorology

What We Do

Every meteorological service performs measurements and observations, the exchange, analysis, forecasting and distribution of meteorological data.

To provide our users with information on the weather and flight conditions, we have to collect it first. That process is performed at our meteorological stations located at Zagreb, Osijek, Pula, Rijeka, Lošinj, Zadar, Split, Brač and Dubrovnik airports, but also by means of the national and international exchange of meteorological data.

The data is analyzed and different types of forecasts and warnings are made by the Zagreb MET Watch Office. All data, which consists of current data, forecasts and warnings, is distributed to users nationally and internationally.

Various types of meteorological information intended for airspace users is available on our MET Portal.

Registration is required for access, as well as proof that you are an airspace user.

Types of MET Reports

METAR is a report on current meteorological conditions at the airport.

It contains information on the wind, visibility, meteorological phenomena, clouds, temperature, dew temperature and air pressure. It is issued every half an hour.

The TREND forecast is a supplement to the METAR report. It provides information on possible significant changes of current weather conditions.

The TAF forecast, i.e. the forecast of meteorological conditions at the airport, contains similar information as METAR.

AIRMET and SIGMET are warnings of dangerous meteorological phenomena.

eGAFOR is a forecast of en route visual meteorological conditions for smaller aircraft and at lower altitudes.

SWL, SWC and WIND charts are graphical forecasts of dangerous meteorological phenomena and wind at various altitudes.

Specialized ATM products are special types of forecasts and warnings for air traffic management purposes.