High-level air traffic safety is our primary goal in providing air navigation services.


About Us

We keep the sky safe. To do so, our first task is to provide safe, efficient and ecologically acceptable air navigation services to civil and military users. We ensure a high level of air traffic safety according to the Single European Sky legal framework and develop and use state-of-the-art technology to increase the efficiency of air traffic.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide safe and quality air navigation services to the complete satisfaction of our users and owner. We will achieve our mission by cooperating with our partners in the European air traffic management network and fostering highly qualified employees and a motivating environment.

We strive to be among the leading air navigation service providers in Central Europe. We will achieve our vision through a flexible organization, adapting to the needs of our users.

What We Do

Croatia Control Ltd. is a company owned by the Republic of Croatia, which provides air navigation services. 

We are certified for the provision of the following services and functions:

  • Air Traffic Services (ATS)
  • Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Services (CNS)
  • Aeronautical Information Services (AIS)
  • Aeronautical Meteorological Services (MET)
  • Flight Procedure Design Services (FPD)
  • Airspace Management (ASM) 
  • Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM).

We provide air navigation services openly and transparently, publish the conditions of access to our services via aeronautical information products as well as on our company website, and have implemented a procedure for regular formal consultations with our users. We do not discriminate against our users based on their nationality or identity or user category.


The company is headquartered in Velika Gorica, and has six regional ATC units: Zagreb/Lučko, Istra/Kvarner, Zadar, Split/Brač, Dubrovnik and Osijek. Regional ATC units are responsible for the provision of approach and aerodrome air traffic control, technical support, meteorological and administrative services.

Croatia Control has six sectors:

  • Air Traffic Management Sector
  • Approach and Aerodrome ATC Sector
  • MET and AIM/AIS Sector
  • Technical Services and Infrastructure Sector
  • Military Sector
  • Corporate Functions Sector.

Single European Sky

The air traffic delays culminated in the late 1990s. To improve the air traffic management and air navigation systems, the European Commission launched the Single European Sky initiative (SES), with the goal of increasing airspace capacity and improving safety and efficiency of air traffic management. For that reason, European airspace was divided into nine functional airspace blocks defined by traffic flows, rather than national borders, to shorten the routes and reduce noise and greenhouse gas emissions.