To keep our sky safe, we provide an array of services: from Air Traffic Management to approving various activities in controlled airspace.

Air Traffic Management

We separate airplanes to prevent them from colliding.

In cooperation with airspace users, relevant national authorities and international organizations, we manage airspace and air traffic flow to ensure that passengers and cargo are safe and traffic is efficient.

Aeronautical Information Management

We give all of the information required to fly safely. 

Information is the currency of today’s world and its availability a prerequisite for flying safely. We provide quality aeronautical information to all airspace users timely and digitally.


Special Flights and Activities

Special flights and activities include airshows, drone flights, releasing balloons, parachute jumps etc. Whether you operate a drone, balloon or release sky lanterns, find out how to report your flying activities.

Technical Services

State-of-the-art technology is behind modern aviation.

We are constantly working on new systems and infrastructure to keep our services at a high level.

zrakoplovna meteorologija

Aeronautical Meteorology

Airplanes fly in the atmosphere, and we provide information on its status.

We provide all of the relevant meteorological information to fly safely.

Flight Procedure Design Services

We provide Flight Procedure Design Services, which, according to the defined criteria, enable safe obstacle clearance for safe, normal, and regular instrument flights of aircraft.