Social Responsibility

To be socially responsible, we base our business on transparency, the fight against corruption, the protection of personal data and helping the community through donations and sponsorships.

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Right of Access to Information

The right of access to information in possession of Croatia Control is regulated by the Act on the Right of Access to Information (OG No. 25/13, 85/15, 69/22).

The Act prescribes the principles, exceptions and the procedure for exercising and protecting the right of access to information.

Information Officer

Jan Mokos

Croatia Control Ltd., Rudolfa Fizira 2, P.O.B. 103, HR-10410 Velika Gorica, Croatia


Phone: +385 1 6259 270 

Fax: +385 1 6228 101

The user exercises their right of access to information by submitting an oral or written request.

The request must contain:

  • the name and registered office of the public authority to which the request is submitted
  • important data for identifying the requested information
  • name, surname and address of the natural person requesting information
  • company, i.e. the name of the legal person and the registered office.

The person requesting information is not required to state the reasons for requesting information and they may also propose the manner in which the public authority will make the information available.

Personal Data Protection

Data Protection Officer

Marija Pudar



We actively, systematically and consistently implement measures and actions to combat corruption in all its forms.

Pursuant to the Anti-Corruption Strategy and the Anti-Corruption Action Plan for the period 2019 – 2020, the Anti-Corruption Board monitors and implements anti-corruption measures.

President of the Anti-Corruption Board

Olivera Ilijaš

The Action Plan specifies the mandatory implementation of measures for a systematic elimination of corruption, including relevant activities, target groups, deadlines and responsibilities, all aimed at strengthening business integrity, responsibility and transparency towards the internal and external public.

Our Action Plan has been implemented in light of zero tolerance to corruption. Should you have any knowledge or suspicion of corruption within our Company, you can forward such information to so that we can take relevant measures aimed at controlling, preventing and sanctioning such occurrences.

Code of Ethics

We operate on the basis of moral principles and ethical values adopted by the Code of Ethics.

Should you have a complaint about the unethical behavior and conduct of our employees, you can forward it to our Ethics Officer.