Flight Procedure Design Services

We design, document, and validate procedures for all phases of flight: from take-off and en-route flying to landing at the destination airport.

Croatia Control provides Flight Procedure Design Services, which, according to the defined criteria, enable safe obstacle clearance for normal and regular instrument flights of aircraft.

These services encompass the design, documentation, and validation of conventional procedures and Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) procedures in the phases of:

  • standard instrument departures,
  • standard instrument arrivals,
  • instrument approach,
  • circling approach,
  • en-route flying, and
  • helicopter procedures (PinS).


The process of providing FPD services also includes:

  • the production of aeronautical charts,
  • the definition of polygons of minimum altitudes for radar vectoring,
  • the analysis of noise and exhaust emissions,
  • the analysis of the signal coverage of radio navigational aids, and
  • the analysis of the impact of obstacles, areas, and zones on procedures and routes.


Flight procedures are defined with regard to aircraft performance, technical characteristics of navigation systems and aerodromes, meteorology, ecology, airspace features, user requirements, terrain, and aeronautical obstacles.

All data, procedures, and aeronautical charts for the conventional and PBN procedures, for all Croatian international airports within Zagreb FIR, are published in the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package of the Republic of Croatia by the AIM/AIS service.

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