Aeronautical Information Management

We collect, process, edit, publish and distribute aeronautical data and information essential for air navigation safety, regularity and efficiency.

Aeronautical Information Service

We inform airspace users by means of aeronautical information products:

  • eAIP (including: AMDT/SUP, AIC, aeronautical charts, NOTAM)
  • PIB, a list of valid NOTAM and checklists 
  • VFR Manual and VFR chart. 

All aeronautical information products we provide are distributed to registered users, and they are available in the European AIS Database (EAD), except the VFR Manual and chart. Provision of data sets is also under way. 

For pre-flight briefing, the Split Central ARO Department, self-briefing terminals at all international airports and Internet Briefing are available to customers. 

Within the AIM/AIS Service, the International NOTAM Office – H24 (NOF) and Aeronautical Publications Department ensure quality aeronautical information and products.

The Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/373 and (EU) 2020/469, ICAO Annex 15, ICAO Document 10066, ICAO Document 8126 are the basis for the provision of aeronautical information services, including Eurocontrol’s recommendations and instructions.

AIM/AIS Products

Important for the use of eAIP 

Dear eAIP users,

Since certain functionalities of eAIP are connected to the use of the Internet Explorer browser, which will be replaced by the MS Edge browser this June, to be able to continue browsing through the contents of eAIP, you should enable the Internet Explorer mode function in your MS Edge browsers.

Below is a short procedure for enabling and using the Internet Explorer mode function:

  1. Click on the Options button in the top-right corner of the Edge browser and select Settings.
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We suggest that you do this as soon as possible and start using only Edge to access and use eAIP.

Remark: Other browsers were referenced during tests, such as Opera 10, and Google Chrome 15, but no exhaustive validation has been performed for these. Since correct functioning of publications has not been appropriately tested on other browsers, using other Internet browsers (except for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) is not recommended, due to potential withdrawal of old information that are in cache memory of your device.




WEF 28 DEC 2023: AIRAC AIP AMDT 012/2023
WEF 16 NOV 2023: AIP SUP 014/2023, AIP SUP 015/2023, AIC A 009/2023, AIC B 005/2023, AIC B 006/2023, AIC B 007/2023
WEF 30 NOV 2023: AIRAC AIP AMDT 011/2023, AIRAC AIP SUP 012/2023, AIRAC AIP SUP 013/2023
WEF 19 OCT 2023: AIC A 006/2023, AIC A 007/2023, AIC A 008/2023
WEF 02 NOV 2023: AIRAC AIP AMDT 010/2023
WEF 01 NOV 2023: AIC A 004/2023, AIC A 005/2023
WEF 21 SEP 2023: AIP SUP 010/2023, AIP SUP 011/2023, AIC B 003/2023, AIC B 004/2023

Important: when checking effective aeronautical data, in addition to AIP, AIP AMDT, AIP SUP and AIC, always check the information published via NOTAM messages.

Also, latest valid publications are given at the end of each NOTAM list.

Instruction for use of the eAIP Croatia start page

Subscription and subscription renewal to aeronautical publications for the year 2023

Subscription and subscription renewal to aeronautical publications for the year 2024

VFR Manual

VFR Chart with Recommended VFR Routes

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Flight Planning

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Guidance for the submission of FPL


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