FAB CE Social Dialogue Workshop

December 12, 2014

The FAB CE Social Dialogue Workshop was held in Zagreb on 12th December 2013, hosted by Croatia Control. It was attended by 25 participants: Chairman Dragan Bilać (FAB CE CEOC Chairman),  Co-chairman Peter Biro (FAB CE Unions Alliance), Program Manager Ivan Hubert and staff representatives from 7 unions from 4 ANSPs. 

In his welcoming speech Mr Bilać expressed his gladness with re-starting SD relations after over one-year pause since the last SD Forum took place. He announced expected completion of the FAB CE Strategy at the beginning of 2014. New strategic roadmap will be based on a so-called Freemove Scenario and will introduce a Free Route Airspace within the whole of FAB CE as its most significant element.

Furthermore audience was presented with the status of the FAB CE projects and latest developments by Ivan Hubert, Program Manager, as well as the possible impact of the potential social issues in the projects to the ANSPs staff by Chairmen of Human Resource Subcommittee Zoran Jakšić and of Technical SC Michael Loeffler.

In light of the ongoing process of the European ATM reform through the SES 2+ Initiative aimed at accelerating the process of the overall SES implementation, in particular regarding its objectives related to the cost efficiency, performance and defragmentation of the European airspace, all participants stressed out high importance of cooperation and active participation of all SD partners.
Mr Bilać announced that next Social Dialogue Forum will be held in Prague in April 2014.