CCL Takes Part in the Development of the European ATM System

December 11, 2014

Croatia Control Ltd (CCL) joined the SESAR Deployment Alliance, which has been appointed by the European Commission as the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM). Joining the Alliance will enable CCL to take an active part in the development of the European ATM system in the next long-term period and have the resources from EU funds available, which will strengthen its position in the European environment and yield positive financial results.
On 5 December 2014 the European Commission signed a Framework Partnership Agreement with the SESAR Alliance, aiming to enhance the performance of the European ATM system, resulting in an increased number of safer and cheaper flights, reduced effects on the environment and accomplishment of the goals set by the Single European Sky initiative.
Airlines, airport operators and air navigation service providers will get around EUR 3 billion from the EU funds for the development and implementation of joint projects, and modernisation of the European ATM system.
The SESAR Deployment Alliance comprises three segments of aviation industry representing:
– four groups of European airlines (A4) – Air France-KLM, easyJet, IAG (British Airways, Iberia and Vueling) and Lufthansa, 
– a group of 25 airport operators (SDAG) and
– 11 air navigation service providers (A6 DM Alliance, with CCL as a member of the COOPANS alliance).
Members of the COOPANS (Cooperation of Air Navigation Service Providers) alliance are ANSPs from Ireland (IAA), Sweden (LFV), Denmark (Naviair), Austria (Austro Control) and Croatia (CCL) and they are the only European ANSPs that have deployed harmonised ATM systems.
The COOPANS alliance also plans to apply for the funds allocated from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), based on the calls published by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA).