Croatia Control Ltd Awarded the Golden Marten

December 17, 2014

Croatia Control Ltd won the 2013 Golden Marten Plaque as the most successful company in the Zagreb County in the category of large-sized companies. The award of the Zagreb Chamber of Economy was presented to Dragan Bilać, Director General, at a formal session of the Economic Council today. 

CCL with 737 employees generated a total income of HRK 642.2 mil. in 2013, with a 91.5% export share and the business year profit of HRK 3.1 mil. Over the last three years CCL invested HRK 456 mil. in development, with HRK 101.6 mil. in 2013.

A continuous traffic growth with great effort exerted by all employees who are entrusted with a high level of responsibility, and the outstanding financial results confirm CCL’s business excellence which was awarded the Golden Marten Plaque by the Zagreb Chamber of Economy, it is stated in the justification.
The selection criteria included financial, technological and innovation excellence, measurable by the total income, investing in development, export share, new products and employment, and resulting in the increase of competitiveness of each company, pointed out Zlatan Frölich, PhD, President of the Zagreb Chamber of Economy.
Gordana Kovačević, President of the Management Board of Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d., winner in the category of large-sized companies in the City of Zagreb, extended her gratitude to the Zagreb Chamber of Economy on behalf of all laureates.