Air Traffic Management

About Air Traffic Management

Pilots fly planes, whereas air traffic controllers guide them through all flight phases by giving information, instructions and clearances to pilots.

Aerodrome Control Service

As the name implies, Aerodrome Control Service controls all landings, take-offs and maneuvers on the aerodrome maneuvering area as well as flights in the aerodrome control zone.

The controlled zone extends vertically from the ground up to a specified upper limit and laterally at a minimum of 9.3 km (5 NM) from the aerodrome in the direction of aircraft arrivals i.e. departures.

That type of control is done by the Air Traffic Control service located in the control tower, recognizable for every airport.

Approach Control Service

Flights that arrive at or depart from an airport are provided with Approach Control Service. It connects Area Control Service and Aerodrome Control Service. Competent units are located in the Zagreb Area Control Center and at Osijek, Dubrovnik, Pula, Split and Zadar airports.

Approach Control Service at all mentioned airports is provided by using the radar picture, except in Osijek, where the so-called conventional method is used.

Area Control Service

Flights beyond the scope of aerodrome and approach control fall within the scope of Area Control Service. That area is horizontally and vertically divided into a larger number of sectors for the purpose of providing a safe and efficient service.

Area Control Service is provided by the Zagreb Area Control Center (ACC).