SDM and SJU Directors Visited Croatia Control

February 8, 2024

Executive directors of SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) Mariagrazia La Piscopia and SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking (SJU) Andreas Boschen respectively visited Croatia Control Ltd (CCL) and met with Director General Mario Kunovec-Varga and his team. They had a fruitful discussion and witnessed SESAR innovations in action. CCL is a full member of both SESAR organisations.

“Croatia Control, together with other COOPANS partners, actively contributes to the research and development efforts of the European aviation community as part of SESAR JU as well as to the SDM implementation coordination and synchronization efforts. We strongly believe that both SESAR partnerships and their activities bring long-term benefits to European aviation, including enhanced safety, more capacity, and better cost efficiency, as much as they positively impact the environment. CCL participates in several SESAR projects − EXODUS, ATC-TBO, ISLAND, and ASM SWIM − to accelerate the delivery of the Digital European Sky through research, innovation and deployment”, said Mario Kunovec-Varga.

CCL’s projects, especially the ones related to CP1/AF3, are generating significant environment benefit savings. ”I am very pleased to witness the commitment of CCL and COOPANS to make Common Project One a reality in their daily operations. The visit to the ATC tower and ACC operations room in Zagreb showcased the already achieved modernization of the ATM systems”, says Mariagrazia La Piscopia. 

Regarding the SESAR JU activities, CCL strongly contributes to programme management activities as well as to several SESAR innovation projects. Andreas Boschen stated: “The deployment of SESAR solutions is testament to the commitment of Croatia Control and the European air traffic management community as a whole to work together to make aviation smarter and more sustainable.”