Meeting of the COOPANS Steering Group

March 14, 2013

At the regular meeting of the COOPANS Steering Group (CSG) Croatia Control Ltd, lead by Dragan Bilać, Director General, approved with the other COOPANS partners (ACG, IAA, LFV and Naviair) three new joint orders: Joint Maturing and Maintenance Order, Harmonization and Build Definition and Deployment of B2.4 and B2.5.

These orders maintain continuity of successful COOPANS cooperation on the construction of the harmonised ATM system and ensure planned commissioning of the COOPANS platform- based system at CCL in February 2014, which will make CCL become the fifth ANSP on the single ATM platform.

Stig Brandwold (LFW) was also appointed as a new chairman of the COOPANS Management Group (CMG), and representative of the COOPANS legal entity, replacing Rolf Norman (LFV), who successfully lead the CMG over many years and announced his deserved retirement.