European AIS Database – Service Steering Group

April 25, 2013

Croatia Control Ltd hosted the 17th meeting of the Eurocontrol’s European AIS Database – Service Steering Group (EAD SSG), which was held in Zagreb on 25 – 26 April 2013.

The meeting was opened by chairwoman Maja Martek Sočec, with welcome speeches by Dragan Bilać, CCL’s Director General and Jacques Dopagne, the Director of Network Management at Eurocontrol.

The questions raised for discussion were ranging from the EAD development plans, status on providing aeronautical information in the database to operational aspects, system issues and centralised provision of services.

Lidija Tkalec, the conference guest from Croatia Airlines, presented the user feedback on EAD service satisfaction, including quality of the Croatian aeronautical information in the database.

A progress report of the EAD Evolution Task Force was also presented and much attention was drawn to the implementation status of the mandate of Aeronautical Data Quality, i.e. EC Regulation No. 73/2010, and its effect on the EAD.

The participants expressed their satisfaction over the organisation and success of the meeting.