Joint Facility Construction Project at Ilin Vrh, Konavle

March 5, 2018

The Agreement on Mutual Rights and Liabilities for the Joint Construction and Use of a Multipurpose Infrastructure Facility at Ilin Vrh was signed today by Vlado Bagarić, Director General of Croatia Control (CCL), and Mate Botica, Board Member – Director of Transmitters and Communications Ltd. (OiV), followed by the signing of the Precontract on the Right to Build with Father Tihomir Šakota, parson of the Parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, as the owner of the building land.
In order to raise the quality of their services, CCL and OiV have launched the project for the construction of a multipurpose antenna tower and associated facilities at Ilin Vrh, Konavle, which will include a surveillance system used in air traffic management with the corresponding telecommunications equipment, and the electronic communications equipment for the provision of electronic communications services.
Signing the two documents was a prerequisite for meeting the conditions to initiate the following construction procedure which includes designing, obtaining all necessary permits and building the joint facility.
The estimated value of the investment amounts to HRK 25 million, the realization of which, as well as the commissioning of the facility, is planned in 2018 and 2019.
CCL and OiV are 100% state-owned companies of strategic importance for the Republic of Croatia, and this project is an example of excellent collaboration of the two companies.
Along with air traffic control services, CCL also provides communication, navigation and surveillance services, aeronautical information services, and aeronautical meteorological services, while maintaining a high level of air traffic safety.
OiV’s business activity is the transmission and broadcasting of radio and television programs for the account of others via electronic communications infrastructure. OiV’s electronic communications infrastructure as well as its business activity of providing electronic communications networks and services is of interest for the Republic of Croatia pursuant to Article 3 of the Electronic Communications Act.