CCL at World ATM Congress in Madrid

March 7, 2018

Croatia Control (CCL) is one of the exhibitors at this year’s World Air Traffic Management Congress which was opened yesterday in Madrid and it takes place until March 8, 2018.
At its own stand CCL is presenting the AMC Portal, a centralized web-based tool, used for informing airspace users about the current airspace status and planned airspace activities. The Portal enables airspace reservations for registered users and interactive communication with the national airspace management organization, thus making the activity planning process easier and contributing to safety through real-time informing of all users.
CCL is also presenting CroVIBE, an internal wireless application and network and an operational staff informing system enabling faster and easier access to information for air traffic controllers.
Furthermore, CCL is being presented at the COOPANS Alliance’ stand at the Madrid Congress, which is a leading example of European industrial partnership and cooperation between five air navigation service providers from Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, and Croatia. This year’s COOPANS stand also includes a simulator showing the operational air traffic management system which is harmonized between all COOPANS members. In cooperation with Thales, the chosen supplier, the members of COOPANS implemented identical software in 7 area control centers (Zagreb, Vienna, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Malmö, Dublin, and Shannon) which means that the partners all work with a unique ATM system, which is the only such case in Europe. 
In addition to that, the South East Common Sky Initiative Free Route Airspace project, which went operational on February 1, was presented at the Congress today. It offers significant benefits to airspace users along the South-East Axis by delivering the shortest route options from Central to Southeast Europe, hence contributing to environment protection through route shortening, fuel consumption and greenhouse gases emission reduction. The project is a result of cooperation between five air navigation service providers from Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia and Montenegro.