“Excellence During Challenges” Award for Employee Care During the Pandemic

August 4, 2020

Croatia Control (CCL) received the “Excellence During Challenges” award given to companies that have demonstrated quality human resource management and employee care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The aim of the award is to stress the importance of focusing on employees, as well as to exchange ideas for initiatives and good practices initiated by many companies during this challenging and unforeseeable period.

The award was given to CCL and eight other companies by Selectio, a leading Croatian HR counseling company.

The awarded companies’ HRM practices were independently evaluated in the following areas: agile HR, strategic planning and work organization, crisis communication, physical health and safety of employees, employee empowerment and wellbeing, leadership in times of crisis, and technological and digital readiness.

During the pandemic, CCL has been paying a lot of attention to its employees’ wellbeing – free psychosocial help was enabled for all employees, the “Openly About…” initiative was initiated, encompassing various topics concerning mental health, and a COVID-19 contingency plan was created, covering scenarios for the continuous provision of air navigation services in case air traffic controllers or other operational staff get infected.