Signature of a Declaration on ‘Just Culture’

October 1, 2015

Today representatives from the European aviation industry signed a European Corporate Just Culture Declaration at a ceremony attended by Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc.

The declaration was signed by the representatives of CANSO, ACI, IFATCA, ETF, AEA etc. and attended by Dragan Bilać, Director General of Croatia Control.

In this declaration, signatories commit to build an atmosphere of trust in which staff are confident to report safety events and occurrences (also known as “Just Culture”). Just Culture has a direct impact on lowering incidents and preventing aircraft accidents.

Commissioner Bulc said “The safety of European citizens is of utmost importance to this Commission. If we want to continue to be world leaders, maintaining European aviation as safest way to travel, we will have to make the ‘Just Culture’ a living reality. Today’s Declaration expresses this commitment. It is the shared vision of employers and staff on what should be done to make ‘Just Culture’ real.” 

Speech of Ms Violeta Bulc can be downloaded here.

The European Corporate Just Culture Declaration can be downloaded here.