SESAR Deployment Manager delivers first ATM infrastructure deployment programme

July 10, 2015

Massimo Garbini, Managing Director of SESAR Deployment Manager, formally delivered the first SESAR Deployment Programme to the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission (DG MOVE) today.
This is a significant milestone, a move from the research and development phase, to the modernisation of European Air Traffic Management technology.
The Deployment Programme explains how Air Traffic Management in Europe can be modernized within the Pilot Common Project, a European law covering 6 ATM functionalities that have to be implemented by European Union member states.
The SESAR Deployment Manager will also coordinate and monitor the realization of all implementation projects which are strongly supported with significant co-funding through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Programme.
“Six months after the establishment of the SESAR Deployment Manager, Europe has today a unique, agreed and supported Air Traffic Management technological implementation plan which has been consulted on, and developed by the industry, for the industry,” said Garbini.
“This Programme will lead investment plans by European Air Navigation Service Providers, Airports and Airlines and will provide Europe with a modern infrastructure which guarantees the development of a safe and efficient continental air transport system in support of our economy and the creation of jobs. Today the industry shows the maturity and commitment to deliver this Programme together.”

Maurizio Castelletti, head of DG MOVE’s Single European Sky Unit, confirmed:
“The Deployment Programme is an essential instrument for the SESAR deployment. It translates the priorities defined in the European ATM Master Plan’s planning view and selected to be part of the Pilot Common Project into a coherent and coordinated project view. Operational stakeholders that will deploy the ATM functionalities of the Pilot Common Project are called upon to define and coordinate with the Deployment Manager proposals for projects to implement the Deployment Programme. The Commission is ready to support financially the best projects through the Connecting Europe Facility Programme.”
You can view the Deployment Programme Version 1 here:
Deployment Pogramme