Reconstructed Facilities of Osijek Regional ATC Unit and ATC Tower

Podružnica Osijek
May 7, 2021
Podružnica Osijek

As of May 9, 2021, Croatia Control will provide tower and procedural approach control ATS from newly refurbished facilities of Osijek regional ATC unit and a new control tower, which has not been in function since 1991.

The building was constructed in 1980, but it was abandoned at the beginning of the Croatian War of Independence and used by UNPRFOR until 1995. It has been vacant since then, while ATC services were provided from inadequate ancillary facilities situated on the roof of Osijek Airport building.

In 2020 the old building was reconstructed – it got new internal layout, new installations and windows as well as new insulation aimed at increasing the energy efficiency. A new access road was constructed, and a roof was built over the parking lot. The control tower is equipped with cutting-edge air traffic controllers’ working position consoles, ATC equipment as well as with the system intended for traffic situation display in the tower without radar surveillance service, developed by CCL.

The new facilities will significantly improve the working conditions for air traffic controllers and other personnel, while reconstruction will enhance the quality and safety of services provided at Osijek Airport. This investment also created the preconditions for the provision of adequate capacities in the future development of Osijek Airport.

This investment also marks a continuation of systematic investments in quality and safety of the provision of services at Osijek Airport, where, in the last few years, a new communication system and ILS RWY11 were installed, while new approach procedures based on satellite navigation systems were introduced.