New Konavle Radar Station Operational

Radarska postaja Konavle
May 28, 2021
Radarska postaja Konavle

The operational use of radar data from the new Konavle Radar Station (Ilin vrh) started on May 27, 2021. The value of the project is around 14.8 million kuna, and the new radar service will contribute to the improvement of coverage of Dubrovnik TMA and the whole ‘South’ enroute sector of Zagreb FIR, which is an important prerequisite for the continuity and safety of provision of the air traffic service.

We expect that Dubrovnik region as an airline destination will soon go back to its pre-COVID-19 traffic numbers, and that this radar system will further expand the traffic capacity and improve the quality of the service.

The new Konavle Radar Station is a part of a multifunctional infrastructure object, the first of its kind in Croatia, and probably beyond, which in addition to its primary function of air traffic surveillance also supports the services of the Odašiljači i veze (OIV) infrastructure operator and other mobile operators.

The infrastructure project is accomplished in cooperation with the OIV and HEP Elektrojug investment partners. Its successful implementation is a good example for potential future cooperation in projects that include joint infrastructure building and human resources sharing, and all to achieve the strategic goals of companies in different industries.

The facility was designed by Dalekovod Projekt d.o.o. and built by Tehno-elektro d.o.o. The radar system was supplied and integrated by Indra, a Spanish company.