Joint Letter of 19 Members Expresses Commitment of Aviation Industry to Continue Their Role in Deploying SESAR

July 25, 2018

On 25th of July SESAR Deployment Manager delivered a joint letter signed by the CEOs and COOs of all 19 SESAR Deployment Alliance members (ACI Europe, Air France, AustroControl, British Airways, Croatia Control, Deutsche Flugsicherung, DSNA, EasyJet, ENAIRE, ENAV, HungaroControl, IAA, LFV, Lufthansa, NATS, Naviair, PANSA, ROMATSA, RYANAIR) to Director General for Mobility & Transport at the European Commission, Mr Henrik Hololei.

The letter expresses the commitment of these 19 members representing: Airports, Air Navigation Service Providers and Airlines, to continue their role as SESAR Deployment Manager in the next Multiannual Financial Framework starting 01/01/2021 and thus keep the aviation industry in the cockpit for continuing the modernization of the European skies.

Since its establishment, in December 2014, the SDA in the role of the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM), has been successful in translating the Pilot Common Project (PCP) Implementing Regulation in a Deployment Programme fully supported by the operational stakeholders.

This wide buy in translates in projects deploying SESAR under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) framework, now reaching 300 by 85 civil and military Implementing Partners in 34 States enabled by 1.4 billion of private investments and 1.1 billion of EU grants. More importantly, the Alliance has completed 72 projects for about 200 million euro of investments which already deliver actual contribution to Europe’s ATM performance in the range of 30 million euros of benefits just for this year and more than 600 million euros cumulated until 2030.