EASA’s Executive Director Visits CCL

October 28, 2016

Patrick Ky, the European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) Executive Director visited Croatia Control (CCL) today during his two-day stay in Croatia.
During his stay Patrick Ky met Dragan Bilać, CCL’s Director General, and his associates, including Mihajlo Jelisavčić, Director of the ATM Division, Dario Grgurić, Director of the Technical Division, Damir Poleš, Head of Safety & Quality Department, and Ante Toni Franić, Safety Manager.
Patrick Ky was accompanied by Ana Dedijer of EASA, Ante Lažeta, Director of Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA), and Dinko Staničić, Director of the Civil Aviation Sector at the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure (MSTI).
Following a general presentation on CCL operation, EASA’s Executive Director visited the Zagreb Area Control Center and the Technical Operations Center.
Before his visit to CCL, Patrick Ky had visited CCAA where he had met the leading people of the Croatian aviation industry, including CCL, while the day before he had had a meeting with the leading people of MSTI and CCAA, who hosted him.