Director of CANSO Europe Visited CCL

June 23, 2014

In his two-day visit to CCL, Guenter Martis, Director of the CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation) European Regional Office, met with the Management who briefed him on core business, international environment, plans and activities of the Company within the scope of international and regional cooperation. 

He also visited the Zagreb Area Control Centre, TWR, the simulator and technical facilities that enable seamless function of all these systems.

The views and experience relating to changes in the provision of air navigation services in Europe, the region and functional airspace blocks were exchanged during the visit. Director Martis expressed his pleasure at CCL’s activities and competence, and called for its broader involvement in the CANSO bodies.

The CANSO was established in 1996, and its members today support over 85 % of world air traffic. CCL is CANSO’s 31st and latest member as of 2014, and the CANSO European Regional Office is its most numerous and active part.