Controller – Pilot Data Link Communications Launched

March 30, 2017

In the night of March 29/30, 2017, Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications – CPDLC service was successfully launched in Zagreb ACC.

This service enables the exchange of standardized text messages via direct Data Link between the ATM system and the aircraft, thus enabling the ATCOs and the pilots to exchange the operational instructions, clearances and requests without any need for usual voice communication via radio frequency.

It significantly relieves workload on ATC sectors and in the cockpits as well as the operational radio frequencies because of decreased need for voice communication. Therefore, the chances for misunderstandings in text communication are smaller in comparison to voice communication, which increases air traffic safety.

CPDLC service was implemented pursuant to EU regulations, and it was finalized even before the deadline which had been set for February 5, 2018. By this transition CCL joined its partners in COOPANS Alliance which have already launched this service, as well as other big air navigation service providers such as Maastricht UAC and DFS.