Contract on Cooperation for ERM Project Implementation Signed

December 4, 2018

CCL’s Director General Vlado Bagarić and the Dean of the Faculty of Economics & Business at the University of Zagreb Prof. Jurica Pavičić, PhD signed a Contract on Cooperation in the project for the implementation of measures and improvement of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system in CCL today at Croatia Control’s (CCL) headquarters.

The Contract is based on the Cooperation Agreement signed between the Faculty of Economics & Business and CCL in January 2018. The project manager is Prof. Danijela Miloš Sprčić, PhD. The Contract is the continuation of the project for the establishment and implementation of an ERM system in CCL, in which CCL’s high-level managers and experts participated along with the Faculty’s team of experts.

The project was successfully completed at the end of July 2018, with the following deliverables: a written ERM Policy and Procedures, a Risk Register containing all identified risks and their influence on the Company’s business operations, and accountable managers for individual risks, the governance measures and control mechanisms.

By establishing a Risk Register, all requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards have been met, as well as the requirements from the provisions of the Law on the Internal Control System in the Public Sector (OG 78/2015). The ERM Policy and Procedures, the conducted analysis, the involvement of a great number of managers and experts, and the promotion of a new, in the first place strategic, risk management perspective all form an excellent institutional and business framework for more efficient corporate management being conducted in CCL.

The aims of the new project are the implementation of measures and the monitoring of their efficiency, transferring the knowledge on the ERM system in the organization, continuing the harmonization of the system with the strategy and business goals as well as with the planning and decision making processes, and identifying, evaluating, and managing risks related to performing the CCL’s strategic plan in the period from 2020 to 2024.