CCL Becomes Full Member of MET Alliance

November 3, 2021

In a virtual meeting held on October 18, 2021, the MET Alliance Steering Committee unanimously accepted CCL’s request to become a full member of MET Alliance.

MET Alliance is a group of national aeronautical meteorological service providers from eight european states (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, and now Croatia as well). Sharing the knowledge and common resources is the way in which MET Alliance wants to improve and rationalize the provision of aeronautical meteorology services.

CCL recognized the value of such an alliance and sent the application to join it in 2015, which had soon been accepted, granting CCL the status of an observer. Since that moment, CCL’s MET experts have been taking part in all expert groups of MET Alliance (the Verification Group, Automated Observing Group, SIGMET Coordination Group, Aeronautical Meteorology Regulations Group, and Training Group), and as of 2018 they have been included in the projects as well (TAF verification, TREND verification, the MOS/TAF project).

The membership brings CCL the support for the provision of efficient and quality MET services, through the exchange of knowledge and experience, harmonization of existing MET products, common development of future services, and cooperation in the field of user satisfaction and climate change.