CCL at EENA Conference 2019

April 12, 2019

Croatia Control (CCL) presented the AMC Portal’s capabilities at a joint booth with DJI and M SAN Grupa at the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) Conference 2019 in Dubrovnik, April 10-13.

A day before the conference, a specialized workshop on the emergency response drone use (police, ambulance, firefighters, SAR, etc.) was organized by the world’s biggest RPAS/UAS (drone) manufacturer, featuring the experts in different fields of drone use: Romeo Durscher (DJI), Alfonso Zamarro (EENA), Filip Biočić (CMRS), Goran Bajči (M SAN Grupa) and Ranko Vuica (CCL).

The representative of one of the world’s biggest drone manufacturers – DJI – presented the latest accomplishments in the field of development of special emergency response drones, emphasizing their use in saving people’s lives due to their ability of coming to the site of the accident fast, entering and searching spaces before the rescue comes (ruins, dangerous spaces difficult to access).

Safe drone integration into airspace was one of the topics in the workshop. The AMC Portal was presented as one of the most advanced ASM solutions, with the functionalities integrating, among others, the emergency response use of drones, where speed is key to saving lives. Filip Biočić of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (CMRS) shared his experiences in everyday use of the AMC Portal, stressing his satisfaction with the tool and the overall cooperation with CCL.

The conference gathered more than 750 emergency response experts coming from 55 countries to share their knowledge and see the latest technological advances, improving safety through their use in SAR missions.
Among many plenary sessions and workshops, CCL took part at one on the subject of unmanned aircraft systems. There were also presentations on the development of the fields for emergency response drone use and the need for their integration with other services, mutual exchange of information and coordination. Filip Biočić talked about his experiences using drones for search and rescue in Croatia, and stressed his satisfaction with the manner in which such activities are conducted in cooperation with CCL, putting safety first when using new technologies.
During the panel discussion, Ranko Vuica of CCL greeted the introduction of new technologies and the advantages of their use in SAR, but also said that their introduction needed to be prepared better and communication at all levels improved – from the regulators and service providers to the manufacturers of new technologies and systems, with the complexity of airspace use and education of new users in mind, and all for safer airspace operations.
Romeo Durscher and Alfonso Zamarro concluded that Croatia’s UTM integration into airspace truly is unique in the world by the way, speed and safety of integration, thus paving the way for a new and safe manner of drone integration into airspace. After the conference, further cooperation on the subject has been agreed between CCL, EENA and DJI.