Annual Meeting of COOPANS and NSA Representatives Held in Zadar

May 16, 2017

Croatia Control Ltd (CCL) and Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA) hosted a regular annual meeting gathering safety and national supervisory authorities’ (NSA) representatives of the five COOPANS states, which took place on May 16th, 2017 in Zadar.

The representatives of Croatia included Igor Dundović, CCL’s COOPANS Project Safety Manger, Tanja Abramović and Juraj Maštrović, CCAA, and Stig Brandwold, COOPANS System Realisation Management Group Manager.

The topics covered the cooperation of COOPANAS with the provider of the common ATC system TopSky, mostly through the prism of software quality indicators monitoring, the COOPANS project quality assurance management system, the cyber security management guidelines, and the introduction of the new European regulatory requirements and the alignment of their deployment in the framework of project activities in COOPANS.

COOPANS is a long-term cooperation of five ANSPs – the Irish IAA, the Swedish LFV, the Danish Naviair, the Austrian Austro Control, and the Croatian CCL – enabling them common harmonization and investments to implement and constantly upgrade a unique ATM system. The members invest and share expenses jointly which at the same time helps to reduce costs and increase air traffic safety.