Advanced – Surface Movement Guidance & Control System at Zagreb International Airport

March 16, 2017

Saab Defence and Security has been selected by Croatia Control Ltd. (CCL) to deploy its Advanced – Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (A-SMGCS) at Zagreb International Airport.
The contract with Saab is an important part of the A-SMGCS deployment project which is worth 4.4 million euro in total, with 85% of the cost co-financed through the funding instrument Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).
“The implementation of the A-SMGCS system is the result of our strategy of continuous development and commitment to implement state-of-the-art ATM technology solutions in order to comply with the SES (Single European Sky) objectives. We are pleased with the fact that the importance of the project has been recognized by the European Commission, since the project is co-financed through CEF,” says Dragan Bilać, Director General of CCL.
Besides the delivery and installation of equipment by Saab, the project includes the preparation of infrastructure, the development of a new operational concept for the Zagreb control tower, the training of air traffic controllers and the technical staff, and other activities necessary before commissioning the system, which is expected by the middle of 2018 according to the project plan.
Saab will deliver a fully integrated A-SMGCS solution, including hardware, software, and engineering services. The system will provide surveillance coverage using an array of Saab’s latest generation multilateration sensors and Saab’s SR-3 Surface- Movement Radar.
The Saab A-SMGCS will fuse surveillance data from the multilateration sensors and SR-3 for the location and identification of all aircraft operating on the airport’s surface. The surveillance data will be integrated with Saab’s conflict detection and alerting algorithms to provide controllers with advanced visual and auditory warnings of potential runway incursions.
“Saab’s solutions at Zagreb International Airport will improve situational awareness, runway safety, and capacity and thus contribute to the landmark modernization project. We are committed to a long-term partnership with CCL today and well into the future,” says Mike Gerry, head of business unit Air Traffic Management within Saab business area Surveillance.
The procurement and implementation of A-SMGCS is in line with Croatia Control’s focus on modernizing the air traffic systems at the largest and busiest international airport in Croatia.