A-CDM – Signing of the Agreement

September 25, 2023

Zagreb, September 25, 2023. The ceremonial signing of the Partnership Agreement on the project of establishing A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) was held today in the Zagreb Airport VIP lounge. The agreement was signed by Zagreb International Airport, Croatia Airlines, Havas Ground Handling, and Croatia Control.

A-CDM is a global concept of cooperation of the stakeholders/partners of airports through the timely exchange of information, adapted procedures, and tools.

The Partnership Agreement was signed by the representatives of the partners:

On behalf of the airport operator, Zagreb International Airport JSC, Nicolas Duthilleul, Executive Director and Member of the Management Board of Zagreb International Airport JSC,pointed out: “With today’s signing of the Partnership Agreement on the A-CDM project, Zagreb Airport ranks among the world’s airports that use this global concept. I would like to express my satisfaction with the partnership relationship with other stakeholders, who have recognized the significant benefits of CDM. Our joint cooperation on this project will directly contribute to improving the operational efficiency of Zagreb Airport as well as preserving the environment, which is one of the main priorities of our business.”

On behalf of the national airline company Croatia Airlines JSC, Davor Mišić, Director of Operations, stated: “The synergy of all participants in this international project further confirms the commitment of all partners to the additional improvement of the civil aviation system in Croatia and worldwide. This is particularly important in the period of recovery of the aviation industry from the epidemiological crisis, and we are glad that all partners in the CDM project will have multiple benefits which, most importantly, will at the same time enable even more pleasant, smooth and uninterrupted journeys for our passengers.”

On behalf of the provider of ground services, Havas Ground Handling Ltd., Mutlu Baskan, President of the Management Board, pointed out: “The implementation of the CDM project will, as expected, bring benefits to us as the provider of ground handling services at Zagreb Airport as well as to other stakeholders. It will help in improving the on-time performance and better use of resources, which will affect the costs optimization and reducing the negative impact on the environment.”

On behalf of Croatia Control Ltd., Mario Kunovec-Varga, Director General, emphasized:

With the implementation of the project, through its systems, Croatia Control will share the information with the airport operator that is necessary to optimize the ground handling flow at Franjo Tuđman Airport. Among other things, this will enable our users, i.e. airlines, to better manage the time restrictions set in the EU airspace, which should ultimately result in a reduction in flight delays.”

The joint conclusion of all partners is that the implementation of the CDM project will optimize the use of available resources, ensure better planning and improve the overall operational efficiency of Zagreb Airport.