Gender Equality

We fully support the activities of the European Commission as part of its endeavors to ensure social inclusion, equality and prevention of all forms of discrimination and harassment.

Gender equality pursuant to the Act on Gender Equality means that women and men are equally present in all areas of public and private life, that they have equal status, equal opportunities to exercise all rights, as well as equal benefits of achieved results.

At the end of 2021, there were 740 employees at CCL: 207 women and 533 men. Of the total of 76 managerial positions, women were in 19 (25%) and men in 57 (75%) of them. By the level of education, 280 (38%) of employees have the highest degree of qualification (university graduate, master’s degree), 31% of whom are women.


Following the results of gender equality status estimates, several lines of work are defined to help empowering the organizational culture of gender equality:

  • Achieve/maintain a beneficial state of gender equality in all areas of work.
  • Promoting a gender equality culture among the employees.
  • Guaranteeing equal employment opportunities.
  • Guaranteeing equal training and career development accessibility opportunities.
  • Fighting sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Work on working time management that favors balancing personal, family and work lives of all employees.


To ensure achieving/maintaining gender equality and achieve the sustainability of the targets set, activities in the following areas are defined: organizational management, human resources, sexual harassment and violence, raising awareness and internal communication.

Resource planning for the activities will be conducted through the process of regular annual financial planning. The Gender Equality Committee will once a year, along with analyzing the implementation of the activities and suggesting the new ones, allocate the resources required to conduct the activities if necessary. The activities defined in this Gender Equality Plan do not demand any additional funds.

Relevant data that will be gathered and processed and whose trends will be analyzed to monitor the progress of the targets set are: the share of women and men, the share of women and men in managerial positions, the degree of qualification by sex, the share of women and men among the chosen job candidates and other as agreed by the Committee.

Organizational Management

The Gender Equality Committee is established through these measures, to monitor the status and promote equal treatment of women and men as well as to gather relevant data. Time needed to accomplish the organizational management activities is up to 60 working hours yearly.

TargetPerformance indicatorsMeasuresTarget groupTo be implemented by
Establishing the Gender Equality CommitteeAppointing employees to the Committee’s activities

Monitoring the Committee’s work
The establishment of the Gender Equality Committee and continuous monitoring of its workAll employeesDirector General’s Office
Building the gender equality organizational cultureContinuous progress and/or maintenance of the beneficial state of gender equality in all areas of workIntroducing regular collection and processing of data by sex

Defining a person or team who will be collecting relevant data

Continuous monitoring of the implementation of the Gender Equality Plan and the associated action plans and the analysis of the situation at the end of the observed cycle
All current and future employeesGender Equality Committee

Human Resources

In the job candidate selection process, we apply objective criteria defined for each position. A job candidate is chosen according to the requirements set out for a certain position, competencies and work experience, no matter their sex.

The salary for each position is defined in advance and it is equal no matter the sex of the candidate chosen for a vacant position.

Employees who partake in the selection process are trained for the selection and interviewing of the candidates and are aware of the importance of impartiality during the process.

Time needed to accomplish the human resources activities is up to 80 working hours yearly.

TargetPerformance indicatorsMeasuresTarget groupTo be implemented by
Equal employment rights for both sexes for all positionsTransparent and clear selection process that ensures impartiality when choosing the candidateIn vacancy notices, it should be clearly stated that all applications are equal no matter the sex (f/m)

In internal selection-related processes, the importance of impartiality concerning their sex when choosing the candidate should be stated
New candidates and employees Human Resources Management
Developing a gender equality sensitive employment and promotion systemEstablishing equal gender representation in the communication with employees (Intranet publications)Internal and external promotion of the ATCO position as a job that can be equally performed by a man and a woman

Promoting good practices, such as role model women who were promoted at CCL
All employeesCorporate Communications Advisor and Human Resources Management
Promoting a culture of the importance of work-life balanceIntroducing initiatives that enable work-life balanceTime management and work organization training

Introducing a place to suggest ideas for improving the work environment
All employeesHuman Resources Management

Sexual Harassment and Violence

Sexual harassment is any unwanted verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, the purpose of which is to violate one’s dignity or which represents a violation of someone’s dignity, especially if it creates an unpleasant, hostile, degrading or offensive environment. Sexual harassment and violence is strictly prohibited. We will conduct preventive activities to ensure a safe work environment.

Time needed to accomplish the activities under sexual harassment and violence is 16 working hours.

We have appointed a person to receive and resolve complaints related to the dignity of the employees. Pursuant to the Labor Law, in cases of dignity protection of employees from harassment and sexual harassment, the person appointed receives the employees’ complaints, objectively examines all facts related to the subject, and draws up minutes on the subject with a conclusion, i.e. the decision of the Director General with preventive measures. The procedure is urgent, confidential, and classified, pursuant to the Labor Law and our regulations, whereas confidentiality is ensured by signing the Impartiality and Confidentiality Statement for all parties to the procedure.

TargetPerformance indicatorsMeasuresTarget groupTo be implemented by
Ensuring a safe work environmentPublishing guidelines/regulations on the IntranetFamiliarizing employees with the importance of informing on gender equality and ways of filing complaintsAll employees Human Resources Management

Raising Awareness and Internal Communication

We are aware of the importance of informing our employees and continuously ensure timely information on all relevant events in the Company. In this regard, the employees can find all relevant information on our Intranet.

Through online training and expert articles on the Intranet, we provide information on various aspects of mental health, including the importance of work-life balance.

Time needed to accomplish the raising awareness and internal communication activities is up to 240 working hours yearly.

TargetPerformance indicatorsMeasuresTarget groupTo be implemented by
Training with the aim of raising awareness on gender equalityPublishing the program and webinars on the IntranetContinuous promotion of educational programs (awareness)/webinars, publishing online training programs and expert articles on the Intranet to raise awareness on gender equality

Informing new employees in the onboarding process on the importance of gender equality in the work environment
All employees Human Resources Management
Continuous training of managers on the importance of gender equalityTopic integrated into leadership programsIntegrating the gender equality topic into educational programs of leadership training of the managementManagement Human Resources Management
Training of decision makers during the selection of candidates on the importance of impartialityTraining/informing of decision makers on the topic of impartiality doneEducating the decision makers before each selection on how to conduct the selection and interview the candidates

Integrating the topic of impartiality during the selection into the Interview Guide
Decision makers when the selection is neededHuman Resources Management


We have made the 2022-2025 Gender Equality Plan. Its primary goal is to make our company a safe place for all and for it to function in a way that respects equality without discrimination and ensures uninterrupted work and development for all employees.

By implementing good practices and continuously communicating, the best solutions for promoting equality can be popularized more efficiently, whereas they represent the starting point of our Gender Equality Plan.

The Gender Equality Committee will meet once a year to monitor the implementation progress of the Plan and to make a report on the implementation of the targets set. We will publish the report on our web page.