Unmanned aircraft

Unmanned aircraft General terms for flying unmanned aircraft that the operator must ensure are:
  • Flight must be performed in a manner that does not represent a danger to life, health or property of people due to impact with a surface or due to loss of control over aircraft and  that does not endanger or interfere with public order,
  • Flight must be performed during daylight,
  • Pre-flight check to assure the integrity of the unmanned aircraft system is made,
  • All the necessary information for the planned flight are collected and weather and other conditions ensure the safety of flight,
  • All equipment or payload is appropriately attached to aircraft to prevent falling,
  • Unmanned aircraft is safely clear of all the obstacles during takeoff or landing,
  • A safe distance of unmanned aircraft from people, animals, buildings, vehicles, vessels, other aircraft, roads, railways, waterways, or power lines, is not less than 30 meters,
  • The minimum distance of unmanned aircraft from a group of people is 150 meters,
  • The flight takes place within the operator's visual line of sight and at a distance of not more than 500 meters from the operator,
  • The flight takes place outside controlled airspace,
  • The flight takes place at a distance of at least 3 km from the airport and the approach and take-off climb surface, except where specific procedures for flights of unmanned aircraft are defined in aerodrome manual, and
  • Objects are not thrown from unmanned aircraft during flight.
Conditions for aerial photography flights are defined by Directive on aerial photography (Official Gazette no. 70/2016). Other conditions for flying unmanned aircraft are defined by the Ordinance on unmanned aircraft systems (Official Gazette no. 49/2015 and 77/2015).

Flights of unmanned aircraft (including model aircraft) can be performed only with a prior AMC Croatia approval for establishment of ad hoc structure.

Operators are kindly asked to perform flights for the purposes of recreation and sport in uncontrolled airspace. Uncontrolled airspace is outside controlled zones up to 300 m above ground. You can check the boundaries of controlled zones (CTRs), here.

Prior to the start of activities it is also necessary to obtain a tactical approval by phone from the competent ATC unit. Approval for establishment of an ad hoc structure will contain the telephone number of the ATC unit with which  activity has to be coordinated.

The completed request form, available only in croatian language, shall be submitted to the Airspace Utilisation Department at least 8 working days before the planned date of activity. Request form shall be sent through AMC portal or by e-mail.
Tel: 01 6259 592, 01 6259 498
Fax: 01 6259 552
E-pošta: civaaxxxcrocontrol.hr
Working hours: From Monday to Friday 07:30 - 15:30 local time, except Croatian national holidays and CCL's vacation day between weekend and national holiday.

CCL publishes the details by NOTAM. In case the activity is cancelled, the organiser shall inform the Airspace Utilisation Department  or NOTAM Office accordingly.

Check list for filing requests on D-1 (only for registered users of AMC portal) is available here.