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​WEF 19 JUL 2018:
AIRAC AIP AMDT 006/2018, AIP SUP 003/2018
WEF 21 JUN 2018: AIRAC AIP AMDT 005/2018, AIP SUP 002/2018
​WEF 24 MAY 2018:
AIRAC AIP AMDT 004/2018, AIC A003/2018, AIC B001/2018

Procedures regarding 8.33 kHz channel spacing aircraft equipment obligation in Zagreb FIR below FL 195
Although Regulation (EU) 1079/2012 lays down the requirement that, as of 1 January 2018, the operator must not operate an aircraft within the airspace where radio equipment is obligatory if such equipment does not provide for 8.33 kHz channel spacing, which was published on 7 November 2016 on the webpage of the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, this will not refer to the airspace below FL 195 for aircraft in the Republic of Croatia.
The Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure requested on behalf of the Republic of Croatia the exemption from the application of provisions of Regulation (EU) 1079/2012 requiring that the aircraft operating in the controlled airspace below FL 195 be equipped with radios providing for 8.33 kHz channel spacing.
Further to that, NOTAM A5078/17 was published and all flight plans within the Zagreb FIR below FL 195 will be accepted, in spite of the fact that, within the flight plan in field 10, it is indicated that the aircraft is not equipped with the 8.33 kHz radio equipment.

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