International Affairs

The relationship of Croatia Control with international institutions arises from the obligations undertaken by signing of various contracts, agreements and arrangements, and specifally refers to: Eurocontrol, the European Commission, FAB CE, ICAO, EASA, CANSO, COOPANS, NATO and SESAR.

One of the key elements of the establishment of the Single European Sky (SES) is reducing the fragmentation of European airspace, or the number of separate airspace segments (67) to 9 functional airspace blocks (FAB) respectively. Croatia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary signed on 5 May 2011 an Agreement on the Establishment of Functional Airspace Block Central Europe (FAB CE), and the air navigation service provider of each state signed a FAB CE Cooperation Agreement.

In June 2011 Croatia Control became full member of COOPANS, a cooperation of five middle-sized air navigation service providers from Ireland (IAA), Sweden (LFV), Denmark (Naviair) and Austria (Austro Control). The COOPANS initiative is a long-term cooperation of members aimed at the harmonisation of functionalities and joint investments that will enable the implementation of an advanced and unified ATM system.

Through COOPANS, Croatia Control also joined an alliance of 5 largest air navigation service providers (DSNA, ENAIRE, ENAV, DFS and NATS), and with PANSA forms an association called A6 which, together with the association called A4 (a group of European airlines) and SDAG (a group of 25 airport operators), makes a consortuim for the implementation of SESAR (SESAR Deployment Manager - SDM).