Regular procedure

In order to establish an ad hoc structure by regular procedure completed request form, available only in croatian language, shall be submitted at least 7 working days before the planned date of activity. Request form shall be sent through AMC portal or if that is not possible by e-mail to:

Civil Approved Agency (CIV AA)
Tel: 01 6259 592
Fax: 01 6259 552
Working hours: From Monday to Friday 07:30 - 15:30 local time, except Croatian national holidays and CCL's vacation day between weekend and national holiday.

Prior to the start of activities in controlled airspace approved through regular procedure it is also necessary to obtain a tactical approval by phone from the competent ATC unit. Approval for establishment of an ad hoc structure will contain the telephone number of the ATC unit with which  activity has to be coordinated. CCL publishes the details by NOTAM.

For operations within controlled aerodrome borders beside the request form it is necessary to send airport operator's consent in writing.

For operations conducted at distance less than 3 km from runway edges/thresholds of uncontrolled aerodrome UAS operator must have aerodrome operator's approval.

For operations conducted in uncontrolled airspace above 120 m AGL operator must have Croatian Civil Aviation Agency's approval.

In case the activity is cancelled, the organiser shall inform Civil Approved Agency or NOTAM Office accordingly.