Automated procedure

Automated procedure of establishment of an ad-hoc structure and approval of activity real time on the day of activities is enabled through aplication AMC Portal Mobile.

Application AMC Portal Mobile is free of charge and you can start using it after following these 5 simple steps:
  1. Register at Croatian CAA as UAS operator here (or contact:,
  2. Install application at your smart phone from Google Play or APP Store,
  3. Start Application,
  4. Register or log in with your username and password and
  5. Read carefully and, if you agree, accept terms of use.

Detailed instructions and help desk contact are available within application.

Conditions and rules for automated procedure are published by aeronautical information circular.

For operations conducted at distance less than 3 km from runway edges/thresholds of uncontrolled aerodrome UAS operator must have aerodrome operator's approval.

Establishment and/or activation of ad hoc structure through automated procedure is promulgated on AMC portal only. Navigation warning by NOTAM is not published.