Harmonisation of Technical ATM Platform in 5 ANSPs including support of FRA and preparation of PCP program (COOPANS B3.3, B3.4 and B4.1)


The project is a part of the common application “SESAR Deployment Programme implementation 2015 – Cluster 3” coordinated by the SESAR Deployment Manager.

The project includes harmonized system solutions for the implementation of the AF 3 Free Route Airspace, a harmonized Basic AMAN solution for AF 1 as the common baseline for DP v1, together with a standardized HMI within COOPANS, which is also aligned with other European HMI programs. Furthermore, it involves an increase in cyber security as the preparation for the impelmentation of SWIM.

The end product will ensure financial efficiency in implementing the PCP program on a common basis, in order to minimize deviations that need to be considered for each PCP element.

The project is expected to be completed by December 31, 2020.


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