Simulation SEAFRA H24


The project is a part of the common application “SESAR Deployment Programme implementation 2015 – Cluster 3” coordinated by the SESAR Deployment Manager.

The SEAFRA H24 project aims to extend the existing night cross-border SEAFRA (Southeastern Axis Free Route Airspace) to an H24 cross-border SEAFRA.

The simulation provided enough data for a safe implementation. SEAFRA H24 enables airspace users to fly optimized routes, without the constraints of a fixed route network structure. In order to provide the optimal operational solution for SEAFRA H24, a reorganization of airspace was done by defining the Area of Common Interest with the adjacent FIR. The project started with the preparation for the simulation, real-time simulation, analysis of simulated data and implementation. The implementation was performed on the basis of the simulation conclusions and the analysis, which were done during and after the simulation. The project was developed with all stakeholders in mind. Common implementation procedures were synchronized and agreed upon on time.

The project was completed on December 31, 2016.

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