Aerial Work

VFR flights of public interest (calibration flights, aerial photography flights, oral vaccination of foxes i.e. the distribution of vaccination by aerial work, as well as other aerial work) as well as test flights, examination flights etc. must be announced in advance and agreed upon with the responsible air traffic control unit in order to perform pre-tactical and tactical de-confliction with other airspace users. The approval for conducting VFR flights in controlled airspace will be issued when the traffic situation and capacities of air traffic control allow for it.

To achieve that the aircraft operator who was granted the approval of Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA) and the Croatian State Geodetic Administration shall send detailed aerial work plan by e-mail not later than 7 working days before the commencement of aerial work to:

Civil Approved Agency (CIV AA)
Tel: 01 6259 592
Fax: 01 6259 552
Working hours: From Monday to Friday 07:30 - 15:30 local time, except Croatian national holidays and CCL's vacation day between weekend and national holiday.

The detailed aerial work plan shall consist of at least the following:
  • graphical image of the area concerned (on background VFR chart Croatia only),
  • planned altitude (ft AMSL) or height (m AGL) for aerial work,
  • planned date(s) and daily time period of aerial work (local time or UTC) and
  • contact of the person responsible for coordination with relevant air traffic control unit. (first name, last name, phone, cell phone,  e-mail).
Upon the completed procedure within CCL, the aircraft operator shall be informed in due time by appropriate department of CCL (depending on area concerned) on any necessary details in order to perform the aerial operation without any delay.

In case aircraft operator has not fulfilled these conditions, CCL may partly or completely forbid performance of aerial work on the day of operation in order to ensure safe, orderly and efficient flow of air traffic.

Conditions for granting ATC clearance for conducting VFR flights of public interest in the controlled airspace are published in an Aeronautical Information Circular Series A.

Flight planning procedure is published in AIP Croatia ENR 1.10.