Minimum Requirements

Minimum Requirements Minimum requirements to be fulfilled by an ATCO candidate are as follows:
  • University undergraduate degree in the field of air traffic or university undergraduate technical degree, high school or vocational-technical high school degree;
  • Croatian citizenship;
  • Active knowledge of the English language;
  • Class 3 Medical Certificate pursuant to Regulations on the Establishment of Medical Conditions of Air Traffic Personnel and Conditions to be Fulfilled by a Medical Center/Examiner Performing Medical Examinations of Air Traffic Personnel (Official Gazette No. 31/10, 110/11).
The ATCO profession is highly demanding and responsible; therefore the candidates must possess certain predispositions, capabilities and skills in order to be successful in performing their professional activities. Some of the requested competencies/requirements include: 
  • Ability to communicate fast and clear;
  • Capability of redirecting one’s focus of attention fast, receiving of and reacting to multiple information coming from different sources, division of attention among multiple tasks;
  • It is desirable that the candidates are resolute persons capable of making fast and accurate decisions and finding solutions in extreme situations, and that they are able to concentrate in conditions that may diverttheir attention;
  • The candidates must be capable of memorizing a large number of data (especially numerical data), they must have developed capability of orientation in space (perception of space in 3 dimensions) and time, as well as numerical reasoning;
  • Self-discipline, emotional stability and calmness, as well as tolerance to stress in high-pressure situations, emergency situations etc., are the characteristics required for the candidates. It is also important that they manage to demonstrate the ability to prioritize and to act on the basis of that;
  • The candidates must be team players, socially mature persons, responsible in doing their job, open and approachable, and must possess good communication skills;
  • The candidates must have extraordinary vision and hearing, since they must constantly monitor the changes in traffic situations, and communication goes via radio devices with frequent presence of noise.