Air Traffic Controllers

The basic task of air traffic controllers is to enable safe, orderly and efficient flow of air traffic.

Air Traffic Controllers Air traffic controllers manage aircraft though all phases of flight, with a stress on safety, orderliness and efficiency. In their doing so, they use various means of communication, navigation and surveillance in order to give information, instructions and clearances to pilots.

Air Traffic Control is divided into: Since in the course of their work air traffic controllers perform multiple tasks simultaneously, their profession is nowadays regarded as one of the most challenging ones for which the outstanding skills, knowledge and abilities are required. An ATCO must be capable of and trained for fast perception of conflicts between the aircraft (conflict situation arises when two or more aircraft experience the loss of minimum separation), and to make right decisions in a split-second.

Typical ATCO activities

Working Conditions, Training and Career Development

Minimum requirements

Recruitment and Selection of Candidates