Software Development

The software engineers in Croatia Control work on design, specification, validation, complex maintenance and other engineering tasks, and they are also in charge of development of software tools used as a support in ATM activities.
In the performance of daily activities a need often arises for data quality assurance tools (for example of radar data), for the interconnection and conversion of input/output data among various systems (for example the exchange of flight plans) or the collection and processing of important data; yet off-the-shelf packages are either expensive or do not fulfill all of the specific needs.

In such cases we turn to design and independent development of necessary software products. Software development, depending on the level of criticality, is subject to all standards and recommendations related to software use in air traffic control, and special attention is given to the safety aspects of their use.   
The quality of our products has been recognized by other air navigation service providers, so that some of our software tools are used in other ATC centers in Europe. It should also be mentioned that we shared some of our software tools with all interested users with the aim of enhancing the quality of products, thus contributing to the air traffic safety in general.
Below you can find descriptions of some of our software products. Please note that we are always open for cooperation and ready to share our knowledge and experience in this field with all interested parties.