Data Communication Systems

Data Communication Systems Data communication covers a specific range of communication technologies which, besides network IP systems and protocols, consist also of specific ATN (Aeronautical Telecommunications Network) protocols and proprietary systems, such as AFTN/AMHS (Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network/Automated Message Handling System) or AGDL/CPDLC (Air-Ground Data Link/Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications).

Optimal organization in combination with competent personnel meeting the requirements set in EUROCONTROL’s ATSEP Competence Scheme, implementation of defined procedures and quality records keeping enable high availability levels of systems and data communication services.

Within the framework of rendering the services of data communications monitoring, control, maintenance and engineering, a large number of various devices are being managed, such as switches, routers, firewalls, IPSs, servers, Wi-Fi devices and workstations. The total number of all devices and pertaining modules reaches almost 2000.

A part of data communications covering the area of IP network systems consists of:
  • Structured and dedicated cabling - basic physical infrastructure
  • LAN network (Campus in Zagreb, local networks in regional ATC centers) - hierarchically organized in three levels: access, distribution and core level
  • WAN network - integrated network for IP communication between the central location and the regional ATC centers as well as among the regional ATC centers
  • WLAN network - Wireless access via laptops and mobile devices
  • Security network - system of security devices and protocols enabling secure IP communication of CCL’s internal operational systems with the external subjects
  • IP networks monitoring and control system - monitoring and control of IP network systems
One of the important systems in the field of data communications is a system for international communications and data exchange - FAMA (Flight Plan Converter & ATS Messaging Application) which uses AFTN (Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network) for the purpose of safe and reliable exchange of aeronautical messages, and its more modern version AMHS (Aeronautical Message Handling System) based on ITU-T X.400 standard.

Croatia Control is currently in the process of implementing the Controller-Pilot Data Link (CPDL) service which would relieve the standard voice communication between the pilot and the air traffic controller by utilization of A/G data communication.