Release of unmanned free balloons

Flights of unmanned free balloons with a total mass of the dome and ballast exceeding 0.5 kg in controlled airspace can be performed only with a prior AMC Croatia approval for establishment of ad hoc structure.

  • An unmanned free balloon shall not be released without appropriate authorization from Croatian Civil Aviation Agency;
  • An unmanned free balloon, other than a light balloon used exclusively for meteorological purposes and operated in a manner prescribed by the appropriate authority, shall not be operated across the territory of another State without appropriate authorization by the State concerned. The authorization shall be obtained prior to the balloon launch if there is a reasonable expectation, when planning the operation, that the balloon may drift into airspace over the territory of another State;
  • An unmanned free balloon shall be operated in accordance with conditions specified by the State of Registry and the State(s) expected to be overflown;
  • An unmanned free balloon shall not be operated in such a manner that the impact of the balloon, or any part thereof, including its payload, with the surface of the earth, could pose a hazard to persons or property not associated with the operation.
  • A heavy unmanned free balloon shall not be operated over the high seas without prior coordination with the relevant ANSP.
Approval for establishment of ad hoc structure will contain the telephone number of the ATC unit with which  activity has to be coordinated. Prior to the release of unmanned free balloon, it is also necessary to obtain a tactical approval by phone from the competent ATC unit.
The completed request form, available only in croatian language, shall be submitted at least 7 working days before the scheduled release of the unmanned free balloon. Request form shall be sent through AMC portal or by e-mail to:
Civil Approved Agency (CIV AA)
Tel: +385 1 6259 592
Fax: +385 1 6259 552
Working hours: From Monday to Friday 07:30 - 15:30 local time, except Croatian national holidays and CCL's vacation day between weekend and national holiday.
CCL publishes the details by NOTAM. In case the activity is cancelled, the organiser shall inform Civil Approved Agency or NOTAM Office accordingly.