European Airspace Structures Development

European Airspace Structures Development The development of European Airspace Structures plays a significant role in the increase of air traffic efficiency and air traffic control capacities, taking into account the requirements of civil and military airspace users.

Croatia Control, together with other service providers in the ECAC Area and supported by Eurocontrol as a Network Manager, takes part in the process of optimising the European Airspace Structures, which includes development, coordination, validation and implementation of proposed improvements, e.g. route network improvements and the creation of relevant ATC sectors.

This process has been mainly implemented through the activities of various subgroups (Route Network Development Sub-Group - RNDSG) and other expert teams, as well as within the FAB CE projects where our field experts have an active role. Proposed improvements refer to the en-route phase of flight and terminal control areas (TMA).

In line with this process based on the cooperation of all stakeholders, the Network Manager creates a European Route Network Improvement Plan (ERNIP), as part of the Network Operations Plan (NOP).

The improvements are created on the basis of operational requirements of airspace users, air navigation service providers and EUROCONTROL in a way that the problems are identified and relevant solutions offered, which are further elaborated at local and regional levels, as well as at the level of European ATM Network.

The improvements have been implemented in compliance with applicable regulations, with an ultimate goal to meet traffic demands, while considering air traffic efficiency and air traffic control capacities, aiming to reduce delays and distances flown, and thus making savings in fuel consumption, as well as in harmful gases emission in the environment.