TWR Aerodrome control service is provided for the control of complete aerodrome traffic, i.e. take-offs, landings and movements on aerodrome manouevering area, as well as flights in a Control Zone (CTR).

Control zones typically extend upwards from the ground to a specified upper limit, and laterally at least 9.3 km (5 NM) from the aerodrome in the direction of aircraft arrivals/departures.

Aerodrome control service is provided at a controlled aerodrome by an ATC unit located at the  aerodrome control tower,  where aerodrome traffic is typically controlled by one tower controller.

Our ATC units and their area of responsibility:
ATC Unit Area of responsibility
Brač TWR Brač CTR
Dubrownik TWR Dubrovnik CTR
Lošinj TWR Lošinj CTR
Lučko Lučko CTR
Osijek TWR Osijek CTR
Pula TWR Pula CTR
Rijeka TWR Rijeka CTR
Split TWR Split CTR
Zadar TWR Zadar CTR
Zagreb TWR Zagreb CTR

Contact details are published in AIP Croatia, GEN 3.3.

Operations under the conditions of reduced visibility can be performed only at Zagreb Ariport in a manner specified in AIP Croatia, LDZA AD 2.22.

Operating hours of the control tower at the airports of Dubrovnik, Pula, Split, Zadar and  Zagreb is 24 hours daily 7 days a week. Operating hours of the control tower  at the airports of Osijek, Rijeka, Lošinj, Brač and Lučko are published by a supplement to AIP Croatia (AIP SUP) and/or NOTAM, and are ammended usually twice a year (end October and end March). Operating hours of the above mentioned aerodromes  are also published by a supplement to AIP Croatia (AIP SUP) and/or NOTAM.

After the operating hours of a control tower, the airspace of a controlled zone assumes characteristics of the airspace of a terminal control area where the relevant control zone is located, unless it is published differently in AIP Croatia, AD 2.17.

Contact details of competent heads of units are specified here.