History International aspect
  • May 1992 
accession to ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation),
  • July 1992
accession to ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference),
  • Mar 1997
accession to EUROCONTROL (European Organisation for the Safetyx of Air Navigation),
  • May 2011
FAB CE Agreement and FAB CE ANSP Cooperation Agreement were signed,
  • June 2011
accession to COOPANS (Cooperation of Air Navigation Service Providers),
  • Apr 2014
accession to CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation).
National aspect
  • by Sep 1991
the Zagreb Area Control Centre operated within the Federal Air Traffic Control Authority,
  • 1 Jan 1992 
the Air Traffic Services Authority of Croatia founded as part of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communications,
  • Feb 1998 
Croatia Control Ltd (CCL) founded as a limited liability company,
  • Dec 1999
CCL registered as a limited liability company at the Commercial Court,
  • Dec 2005
Zagreb ACC started to operate from the new building, based on the Thales Eurocat 2000E ATM system,
  • Mar 2009
CCL certified for the provision of ATS, CNS, AIS and MET services in compliance with the SES framework,
  • Feb 2014
CCL launched the new ATM system based on the COOPANS latest version.