Technology In view of the fast development of technology, as well as the participation in the project Single European Sky (SES), the major task of the Technical Division is to constantly work on the introduction of numerous new technologies and systems that are indispensable for the enhancement of safety and partial automatisation of air traffic control.
Technical systems employed in Croatia Control for the provision of safe air traffic operations include:
  • ATM Data Processing Systems,
  • Voice Communication Systems,
  • Data Communication Systems,
  • Navigation Systems,
  • Air Traffic Surveillance Systems,
  • Meteorological Systems.
Our technicians and engineers are appropriately trained for the design, installation, calibration, surveillance, certification and maintenance of these systems. They also actively participate in national and international development programs supporting the SES project.
Design, construction and surveillance, as well as maintenance or facilities and pertaining infrastructure is carried out by our personnel. Our experts also deal with the planning, installation and integration of systems and equipment. The high availability of technical systems is also achieved through the implementation of multiple power supply systems, air conditioning and overvoltage protection.  
Provision of ICT technologies and solutions for the needs of the Company on corporate level is a special segment of our activities.