Meteorological Systems

Meteorological Systems Meteorological systems, i.e. weather observation systems, are necessary for the provision of tower and approach (TWR/APP) services, pursuant to the regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). They consist of basic weather observation systems which provide functions of measuring, collecting, processing, storing and displaying basic meteorological data necessary for the provision of services in air navigation: wind from one or multiple positions along the runway, air pressure, air and dew point temperature.

Complex and advanced sensors are not used within these systems, functionality of manual inputs by operational users or further distribution of data to external users is not provided, and as such these systems are appropriate for use at the Croatian airports with less traffic.

Automatic weather observation systems, i.e. automatic meteorological systems, provide measuring, collecting, processing, displaying, storing and distributing of meteorological data and messages.

The meteorological data collected from numerous simple and complex sensors located on representative positions, as well as manually entered observed values, are processed and displayed to operational ATC and MET users of the system, stored and distributed in appropriate formats to local and external users.

These systems consist of meteorological sensors with pertaining equipment, communication and data collection devices, as well as devices used for data processing and display. All data are collected and processed in duplicated central servers, and then sent to operational workstations where the display and entry of data is provided to users.

Contemporary meteorological systems enhance the safety and efficiency of airplane operations, thus enabling a higher quality of the services provided .